Paper, Perfume or Plank Car Air Freshener Materials

Care for Air

Car Air fresheners are difficult enough to choose between all the scents available. But the material also makes a huge difference in the experience your car air freshener will provide.

Lifetime of Scent

When it comes to the lifetime of the air freshener and it’s scent, each material will provide a different duration of use. Paper is the shortest usually lasting between a week or two, but it is also the cheapest. Next is Perfumes in plastic membranes which take a whole month to diffuse. Lastly are the heavy hitters being Gels and Stained Woods that can last for up to 45 days! Wood and gel based Air fresheners prove their advance over paper and perfume by performing for the latter’s combined lifetimes.

Strength of Scent

The strength of the scent varies with each material. Perfumes have the strongest scent, while Paper, infused woods and gels tend to rarely have such a strong presence in the air. This helps to the longevity of the former and the comfort of the infused wood, for it’s long life and scent experience as an undertone in the air, not the main show.